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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
The temps don't sound unreasonable for a non-delidded processor.

When you create your profiles, what is the temperature that you use for the source of the fan curve? Typically this should be your coolant temperature (and that's the default) so you won't see the fans speed up as the processor heats up, only as the coolant heats up. Note that this is the expected behavior.
First of all, thanks for the quick response! Do you really think it's normal? because I look at many reviews on this model and in all temperatures with the processor to more than 4.6Ghz gives them in OCCT no more than 62/64 and in my case I get above 90 only in 4.4Ghz ....

Do you think it is possible to improve my temperatures by changing the factory cooler for others with better flow rates? I discard what to do delidded since I do not want to risk losing it and never did it before
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