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Yeah.. but I am running at 333 already. 2-2-2-6 too.. dbasco and I have the same Mobo, but I have TwinX3200, and he has CMX-3500. He can run at 400Mhz clock, I can't.. You know, the supposed incompatibility, between our board (sinxp) and running at 400Mhz ram mem clock that most people seem to be having. This makes me think that it's not that board running at 400 that's the problem, but the type of ram.

But, guess that's not right either.. from what I can tell from his last 2 posts, Boyd B. is using both the same mobo and memory as me, but he can run it at 400Mhz.

So.. since it worked for dbasco, maybe CMX-3500 works for all people at 400. Haven't heard any other tests with that ram. But it's a fact that sometimes twinx3200 works with the sinxp at 400Mhz, sometimes it doesn't. Wondering.. why..

And, after being forced to run my memory at 333, I did try and work my way up. Skipped a bit, but that doesn't matter, because I tried 400 in the end, and it wouldn't boot.

So, with that all said.. Dbasco and Boyd B., can you post all your system info, so we can try and figure out why the Sinxp running with ram at 400Mhz works for some and not others?

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