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Sorry to see that some of you guys are seeing some issues with 3.19. Since this version just dropped last Friday, we didn't get a chance to provide you guys a response right away due to labor day weekend.

@momorious, Thank you for sharing your experience with 3.19, it's unfortunate that it's a bad one rather than a good one. Pulling down the public version is not as simple as you think though, we need to gather more data then decide if pulling 3.19 down is warranted or not.

Regarding the high CPU usage on a single core, that is something we have seen before so I'll inform the software team for them to re-evaluate and figure out a solution. As for the frame rate drops, I'm wondering if this is only happening when you have iCUE running in the background vs having it minimized.

@Dicehunter, You know better than that. This might have been a slight oversight on our part, but saying that QA is our customer is a bit of a stretch.
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