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Originally Posted by Remorage View Post
I was in a similar situation to you (deciding to buy the i160 and modify it, go with the Phanteks Shift, or make a case at my shop). I decided to go with the i160 as I much prefer the look of the case and I believe it is a much better built case as well. I currently only swapped the motherboard and ram as that was my main issue with the system. It was not very difficult; however, if you are going with a motherboard that has a different layout you will have to deal with some pretty tight wire management. I went with the Asus z390I as I was planning on getting the 9900k anyway. I havenít swapped the PSU yet but from my research the sf750 is a plug and play with the 600s wires.

In terms of it being a waste of money, I was essentially able to create an i140 our of my spare parts so it wasnít that bad.

As for the boat you are in, I believe that is the same motherboard that comes in the i180. It would make it much easier if you started there as not only will you not have to deal with swapping the board, you will also get the 750 watt PSU that should be enough for anything you can fit in the case. If you went with the i140 you may have to do some cable management and that is by far the hardest part of the install as the case is very tight. Otherwise if itís the same board as the i180 it should fit no issues and if you are unable to swap the fan without advice then the best advice I can give you is not to take on the challenge lol.

TLDR; I would totally do the swap again and plan to do much more with the case. I also have pics of my install if you need some reference.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I agree with Corsair Mint as well. I kept the same processor but the cooling in the case may not be enough for the 9980xe as even my 9900k gets a little toastier then Iím used to and I donít know if there is any difference in the i180 in terms of cooling.
Hi Remorage,

Thank you so much for a super detailed info you share with me.
What am I thinking, i180 come with x299 and for some reasons I missed that spec..... haha
I'm glad found people out there went through the thought I had. and I decided, I'm gonna do what you did. I'll get i160 and update MOBO, RAM, PSU.
Since Corsair Mint mention about the heat caused as well as you did, I don't see the point getting i180 with i9-9920?! I'm not sure how well this CPU perform with my needs. Then I'd rather get i160 and save some money for future build.

May I get your suggestion for the MOBO please. I want ASUS but which one I should get? I'm an Architectural Designer and I use program below

・V-Ray for rendering
・Adobe Photoshop
・Adobe Illustrator
・Adobe InDesign
・Adobe Premiere

and of course RAM to be 32gb and PSU, I'll swap over to 750.
One last thing, could you share your photo please?
I'd love to see your build.
Thank you again!!! Cheers
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