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Lightbulb Workaround: Headset stating charged, and not charging when low.


I have spotted a few posts regarding charging issues with the Corsair Void 7.1 RGB headset, and would like to leave this post in order to assist others who have encountered this same issue I have worked around.

I hope the below helps.

Kind Regards,


Symptoms / Keywords to assist search:

Headset always low charge
CUE & Infomic both state charged / turn green respectively
Battery remaining low after leaving plugged in for some time.

Error Messages / Keywords to assist search:

Battery Low
Battery Critical
Charging Battery
Amber straight to Green infomic light on microphone arm when charging (powered off)


Windows 10 -
Corsair Utility Engine: 2.23.40
VOID Wireless Dongle Firmware: v. 39.02

Possible Cause:

Software / Firmware bug causing headset to believe it is charged when in fact is not.

Resolution Summary:

1) Turn the headset off.
2) Close the Corsair Utility Engine.
4) Unplug the USB supplied Corsair Wireless Dongle.
5) Plug the headset in to charge.

Note: that the Amber light remains active long after it would normally turn green.

6) Leave the headset to charge for a considerable time
7) Unplug the headset from charge.
8) Plug in the corsair wireless dongle
9) Relaunch corsair utility engine.

Note: This should now display your battery at a higher percent. (Note, these steps may have to be repeated if headset remains charged / on but corsair utility engine reads the percentage as 0% - I believe it can become "out of sync" or incorrectly read the battery levels.

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