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Default Corsair One Pro Live Update 6 list of Incompleted updates


New Corsair One Pro Ti owner here (CS-9000009-NA). I'm still exploring it, with a few minor issues to resolve which is normal for any new system.

So I have a question about the Live Update 6 which came preinstalled. I performed a scan and went with the Total Installer option to update the 6 items that showed as having newer (or no) versions on the system out of the box.

Live Update proceeded to download the updates, and then apparently failed to install them. In the History tab, it shows the Status of the six updates as "Incompleted" - see IMG below.

My question is how do I get Live Update 6 to work as expected? I've seen that it works for some MSI Mobo users, and would appreciate that experience with my Corsair One Pro as well.

I realize one suggested "fix" for networking components has been to uninstall them from the system first, then update with Live Update 6. That seems counter-intuitive for a mature update system, finicky, and time wasting. Doesn't the app handle the total install process?

Please note I'm hoping for solutions other than, "don't use it".


*Note: I also found a bug in the forum software. If you have 1 too many tags, then add an doesn't convert the image link to the image itself in preview post until you remove the extra tag. Weird.

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