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Originally Posted by red-ray View Post
I need to check what this reports.

Further next time the cooler freezes from Device Manager Disable then Enable it and see if that get's it working again.

BTW .PNG gives sharper/crisper images then .JPG.
Ok thanks red-ray I will try Disabling/Enabling again when it happens. It's happened 3 times today. Managed to play my game for 1 hr and then upon finishing Fan & Pump speed both reporting 0.

I have the Link Fans page on my 2nd screen all the time so I can see the RPM of the fans and pump. I know it's frozen when the "current" column doesn't report anything.

I did read the topic you linked in your 1st reply about another user who also had the cooler report 0 speeds, but I see that fix is already implemented in SIV by default now "-AIO-POWER=15:15".

I'm really wanting to persevere & get the cooler working with SIV as I'm liking the fact I use little to no CPU power and my CPU speed sits between 800-1.2ghz idling.

I will also upload screenshots in .PNG format from now, I was aware it provides better quality images.

I won't get a chance to test the cooler out again until this coming Sunday Night so I will report back and try Disabling and Enabling the driver if it does crash.

Many thanks Red-Ray for your help so far.
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