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Originally Posted by MaestroRaymond View Post
I see, I've tried running it on multiple resolutions but still am getting out of memory error for the ConsoleApp. UI won't start as it's missing "\configScreenshot-f598c940-9231-45a3-9cda-daebe3b111d4.bmp" which I cannot seem to find where to generate.
You're experiencing the troubles of consuming a highly flucuating code base that is not truly meant to be consumed by users yet. :) It's still a bit early for putting in issues as things are going through major changes / overhauls daily. It's in a much better place now than it was before though -- try pulling latest.

You should now be able to load up the UI without a configuration now. If you want to start with a fresh configuration, delete everything in the /Configuration folder except for config.json and it should toss you into a fresh screen configuration screen...

I cleaned up some memory leaks too, though I can't be certain it would fix the problem you saw. If you toss me a stack trace for the out of memory exception, I can tell you if it would be a quick fix or something for later.

Are you running this in visual studio in debug mode? Try to set a breakpoint where you see errors and see what's going on. If you find anything interesting, let me know.
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