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Originally Posted by PerfectCr View Post
My monitor will sleep, but the Computer will not not automatically go to sleep after a set amount of time as specified in the Power settings in Windows 10. Only happens with iCue installed. Very odd. Since it used to before. Maybe something introduced in a recent update?
I have had a few bouts of this immediately after loading a new version of iCUE, but it is a one time only event. It seems similar to what happens when you install a new GPU driver and the system removes the sleep option from the menu until you do a warm restart. I suggest the same with iCUE. After installing a new iCUE version, restart, even if not prompted. The other oddity was toggling my Windows power setting to a different sleep interval seems to reset things as well. It won't sleep at my normal 30 min. Change it to 10. Close window. Open, set it back to 30. Now it works. Unclear if that was unique to my machine, a passing bug, or something else, but an easy thing to try.
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