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Originally Posted by Corsair Dustin View Post
I'll have to go back and play with the i160 some more to see if I can reproduce your issues. I'm working on having an overclocking-enabled BIOS for the i180 produced, if there are issues with the i140/i160's motherboard BIOS in terms of letting customers play with the settings and tweak their systems I'll want to make sure those issues are resolved.
I just received my i160 and I'm pretty good Systems builder and tweaker (in fact, it is the very first pre-built rig I ever bought during 25 years), so in case you would need any testing, I'm happy to help.

Also as I plan to squeeze out any drop of performance I can get from this lovely little box (of course, with safe temps and voltages, etc..). I will let you know if I will encounter any issues while trying to achieve that.
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