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Well pics are apparently a pain in the butt to upload so I will see if I can get them up later. Here is a list of the steps I took though if you would like a reference. The process wasn't that hard, but I would be wary if this is your first PC build.

First I removed and moved aside the CPU cooler.
Then I proceeded to unplug all the cables and ram sticks (you will need to cut zip ties).
Next you will want to remove the hard drive cage so you can move the wires out of the way and help with removing the gpu extension.
After that un-clip the front and rear panels slightly so they don't interfere (there are three plastic clips on each that were easy to remove with a flathead).
Finally, the motherboard can be removed!
Installation is just the reverse order.

The two key steps I figured out the hard way was remove the hard drive before attempting to remove the gpu extension and you need to un-clip the panels as the clips extend too far into the motherboard space.
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