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Originally Posted by xldeane View Post
My apologise for not getting your name correct, that's the age and the eye sight. OK.. everything being said its time to sort out my Fan problems (Hopefully)
Does the Lighting Node Pro suffer from the same problems as the Lighting Hub and the Commander Pro ?
I have a new Commander Pro and Lighting Node coming today. Should I update any of the firmware on either or just leave then be ? Also what version of Link do you recomend I should use to run fans and now lighting strips ?

Should I d/l Link and then fit hardware or hardware first then d/l Link ??

Is there any order to connect up Commander Pro, Lighting Node, Fans, LED strips. in that order. USB TO MB then SATA power leads. OR just connect it all up and flick the switch ??? lol

So there's no specific order, but if I were in your shoes, I would do it like this:

1. Commander Pro's USB to MB USB header, Commander Pro's SATA power lead to PSU

2. Lighting Node Pro's USB to Commander Pro's USB header, Lighting Node Pro's SATA power lead to PSU

3. LED strips to one channel of either the Commander Pro or the Lighting Node Pro

4. RGB Fan Hub's 3-pin cable to one channel of either the Commander Pro or the Lighting Node Pro, RGB Fan Hub's SATA power lead to PSU

5. Each fan's PWM connector to a fan header on the Commander Pro, and each fan's LED connector to the RGB Fan Hub. Note that fans need to be plugged in *in order,* which is why the fan ports on the Hub are numbered.

6. To ensure painless operation, install Link after everything is connected internally. Reboot.

7. Click "Configure" on the Commander Pro and/or Lighting Node Pro, depending on what's connected where, and set the correct number and type of devices on the configuration pages. Make sure to click "Apply."

After this, you should ostensibly be good.
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