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Default Wellwhat do I do now

Originally Posted by SpeedyV View Post
Here is a typical Link new release thread. The 2nd post is from the Link expert. He kept a running list of known issues and every time they would release an updated version he would check his bug list to see what really got fixed. Usually it was not very much, and then there are the new bugs like LED brightness only works for values of 0, 33%, 66%, and 100%, fans will STOP if a fan curve results in any RPM value that is 256 or a multiple (has to do with lower byte being 0). These 2 are still unresolved AFAIK. Oh and don't try running Link 4.9 with HWINFO64 or AIDA64 because Corsair removed the SMB Buss interlock mutex so now query collisions happen causing all sorts of intermittent issues. This has been going on for YEARS (until they banned him).

I only use his utility - SIV - to control my Link hardware and it works flawlessly. I gave up on Link long ago. I don't even try new releases. No reason to.

Welcome to the truth. Enjoy.
Is the guy your talking about Red ray by any chance ? I have been reading loads of his posts... the man's a super geek, instead of banning him from what I can read they should employ him.

I am majorly disappointed with Corsair products and there software tbh. I always thought they were a solid company with good backup. Christ they charge enough, there gear isn't cheap and some of it is of outstanding quality, but the support is shocking.

I cant even get a reply to my post or the ticket I put in.....

I feel now I am going to find another solution to my cooling and lighting. Corsair you have let yourself down BADLY..

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