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Yeah the last and latest Link software and CLCP / CLNP firmware update release went so well that Corsair had to issue regression instructions and post links to the previous versions within a few days. Read through the sticky Link release thread at the top of the page and you will start to see what is going on with Corsair software /firmware.

I wish I could help you. There used to be a guy on this forum who is an expert on Link and it's many problems. He even reverse engineered all the control protocols and wrote a Link device control program that is much more powerful and efficient than Link. Sadly, Corsair banned him a few weeks ago. He would have had you straightened out in a few posts. Now you will have to rely on Corsair. Good luck.

Here is a link to a thread about this alternative Link control software (called SIV). It's a bit overwhelming at first glance but if you read down there is a (long) list of things SIV can do that Link can't.

One thing I will bet - It's a software and/or firmware issue - not hardware.

By the way - His name (Corsair Link Product Manager - not the banned Link expert) is Dustin, not Justin...

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