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The SandForce Controller in the SSD was known to cause BSODS, and other problems.
Have I bought the SSD from SandForce? No, from Corsair, so or Corsair fixes it or replaces the defective SSD as it's buggy by design and Corsair knows it.

What I see here:
RMA'ed my CSSD-F120GB2. Updated frimware on the replacement to 2.4. Suffered the same BSOD on resume from hibernation.

Pretty sure that techncal support won't help. I've spent time disassembling my laptop, playing with PC trying to update it - that's not funny. At the moment I own Corsair Pro PSU and this buggy SSD and, you know, I'll think 5 times before I buy anything from Corsair with such a nice support. Push SandForce to make changes to your firmware (5 years already!!!) if Corsair is not able to do it.
All I need is the working SSD. And it should work as expected and made by design: in AHCI and with no BSODs. :)
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