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Originally Posted by tyrannosaurus View Post
My 4 HDDs are represented. What I'd like to change is my OS SSD. Here the temperature is shown as difference from 100C, in my case 76C, which is irratating and pointless in my view. Is there a trick to change this to normal temp reading?
This appears to be an issue specific to the drive's reporting. I've got the same model (a 128GB), and the reading shows up the same way - not only in Link, but also in Open Hardware Monitor. This seems to be the way the drive reports the temperature via SMART (where normalizing other ratings to 100 is fairly common), so I'm guessing that it'll take a fix on Corsair's part to deal specifically with drives that use this sort of reporting style.

Count me in as another who'd like to see a change or workaround in this, though. Aside from being confusing to look at, it also doesn't look like controlling anything based on the reading will work as expected without special handling... Not that I have anything for Link to control that would impact my drive temps.

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