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Originally Posted by RodrigoDRT View Post
i see, then if i get this right, is possible that a cheap psu has a single rail (pcb goldy line thinigies) powering multiple (12v) connectors, leading to an overload.

Originally Posted by RodrigoDRT View Post
if i get this right, the multiple rails COULD mean that in the aforementioned example, 6+2 connectors have a rail for each one of them, right?
Yes, they'd be separate cables each going back to the PSU rail.

Originally Posted by RodrigoDRT View Post
makes me wonder, however, why would theres even a selector for single or multi, seems like multi is the best way to go, no?
There are rare and unusual edge cases where multirail can cause problems. And some people insist. Some people also insist that the moon landing was faked and the earth is flat, too. But yeah, 99.95% of the time multi rail is the way to go. Because safety.
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