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Default Do you think corsair will help me?

I bought the Corsair T2 almost a year ago and it arrived broken,
I contacted the store and they refused replacement and ignored my request for 45 days until they finally decided to take the chair,
of course I provided proof of the chair side arm cover broken while in the original package and nylons.

One day after I picked up the chair with the new part replacement(they refused to replace the chair...) it just fell off and I couldn't attach it to it's place like it's not compatible with the chair, I gave up on it because I wasn't in the mood to wait additional months without a chair so I kept on using the chair without the side cover.

Yesterday, a couple of screws near the broken cover area fell, and I just thought that I would contact Corsair directly to ask for a replacement,
I obviously received a defective unit for 450$,

The question is.. do you guys think it's reasonable?
I opened a ticket and provided everything, proof of purchase and pics of the broken part while inside the packages from a year ago, I really hope
that Corsair will help me with this, I lost hope in getting help from the store.

Do you think it was okay to refuse to replace my unit on the spot after it arrived broken?

They store blamed Corsair for this policy and said that I'll just have to send it for repairs and hope that Corsair will accept this..

Since that day I was always opening packages and filming the whole thing from start to finish. just in case.
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