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Yeah, I to have a Corsair Glaive doing the same thing. It does the double click thing on the RMB. It started doing it just a couple hundred hours into it's use.

I put about 1200 maybe 1300 hours of gaming into it, playing primarily The Division, so a Shooter game that requires alot of clicking.

The issue is most prevalent when I go to ZOOM IN the gun. I will get a stutter zoom, where my guy half zooms and and zooms back out real quick. Sometimes it does it once, sometimes it does is every single time I zoom. It has this issue in batches. It is also noticeable when I play Napoleon or SHogun 2 Total War. When I move my formations, I will hold RMB and drag to reset them up and when I release RMB, it will randomly click my formation off in some random other part of the map. Same as Division, it will sometimes do it once, and ive had it do it like 4-5-6 times right in a row.

ITs quite aggravating that its happening to. THis mouse is otherwise really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it handles well, feels good, and yeah, besides the broke damn RMB, its a great map.
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