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Default Corsair Link Feature Request

Hi ;)

It would be nice if there was an option to

control fan speed of a single fan depending on both GPU AND CPU temps simultaneously.

(threshold values for switching GPU/CPU control of fan, Tgpu<>Tcpu, mean value of Tgpu and Tcpu, or something like that ...).
For example, you have a fan control curve that is assigned to GPU temps. Now if the CPU temperature becomes higher than a certain threshold value, then the fan control curve for the CPU should take over.

I frequently have to manually adjust the fan speed of the bottom case fans, which are assigned to GPU temperature. When I'm doing CPU-heavy tasks with no GPU usage (like software 3D rendering), I need some extra cooling power for the CPU from these fans. Would be nice if that was possible in Corsair Link.

If you like the idea,
please show your support (e.g. quote this post)
and hopefully we'll have a chance to reach the developers!