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Default HDD problem never turn off

when i start Corsair Link my secondary hard disks never turn off
once i turn off Corsair Link my hard disks turn off after the time i set in power plans
i was suffering from this since 3 month and i reinstall my windows 3 times to fix this problem because i didn't know it was because of Corsair Link but now i am sure because i test with Corsair Link running and not running
i have this problem since i install windows 10 even with old Corsair Link v4.2.227 and v4.3.0.154 and with the latest v4.5.0.55
when Corsair Link running i hear my hard disks making click sound every 5 second and i checked Resource Monitor and nothing access my secondary hard disks for 30 min so i think its because of Corsair Link monitor my hard disks temperature! so i make another test to be sure
i let my hard disk turn off then i start Corsair Link and i checked to see that only main SSD show temperature and other 2 hard disks not there because its turned off !!
as long as my secondary hard disks turned off there is no problem at all :D
when i access this secondary hard disks to make them turn on again while Corsair Link running they appear again in Corsair Link to show temperature and start clicking again every 5 second and the only way to make them stop clicking and turned off is to stop Corsair Link !!!!

i hope you fix this problem asap because i run my PC 24/7