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Default GS600 (2013) - Noise complaints, RMA Advice


I have GS600 PSU (2013), Which I bought in Currys/PC World UK, it was a couple of years ago, but I think I lost my receipt, I'd need advice - have I got any options to RMA it, but that's on a side.

The main problem, it makes a strange constant (I mean - the time between two ticks is very constant, and the ticks close together) ticking noise. I thought it's one of my computer fans is catching a wire, it reminds me of a working motor or something.

WoT Warning, but bear with me:

Today I wanted to get to the bottom of this. I noticed:
When my computer's just booted there's no clicking sound, the computer is near silent - PSU fan not spinning.
When I put some load on it - open a couple of apps - PSU starts emitting this weird ticking noise - PSU fan is not spinning.
When the load is higher (I start a game which uses GPU, or if I start CPU intensive task) - PSU fan kicks in intermittently - as soon as it starts to spin - ticking noise disappears. But I can hear the fan spinning up pretty loudly. soon after - the fan spins down, and again I can hear ticking noise.

I've reassembled my computer in a new sound dampened case with silent fans - but this constant - spin up - spin down - ticking noise is overbearing and is getting on my nerves.

TL-DR: PSU is in a cycle - Fan Spin Up/Spin Down/Ticking noise - when under load.

Any advice what are my options, besides throwing this PSU out of the window? I'd like to RMA it, but I would be very lucky if I found my receipt for the purchase, and warranty did not yet end.

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