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i'm back .... hehehehe

i OC my cpu to 3.1Ghz
i'm up my front side bus voltage to 1.375

run my ram TWIN2X2048-6400C5DHX...
i keep the timming 5-5-5-18

but i change the frequency to 677 and
refrence frequency to 266
i up my voltage to 2.0..

run memtest okie 3 pass ... and run prime95 small FFT for 10 hours okie ...

but when i run prime95 mix or large FFT .. it felt after 1-2 hours ...

anysugestion ???

every one told me that is mem problem ...
should i change my stepping ??
if need to .. what sugestion ???
also do i need to up my voltage ???
and what the max Voltage can this ram handle ??
i don't want to fry anything

one more thing .. my 4 gig Twin2X4096-6400C5DHX get here tomorrow ...
do i need to change anything and watch for anything special ??

thanksssss so much
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