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Originally Posted by specmike View Post
Since it for your CPU, I'd suggest connecting it to the CPU header. Even if it is not a 4 pin, the 3 pin will work as the header is keyed correctly to accept both. Your bios monitors the CPU fan and it is important for the system to be aware if the CPU fan fails.
Thanks specmike! I was thinking it was such a stupid question that no one was going to reply!

I DID find the answer though (reading through my motherboard manual) there was a pic showing how to connect a 3 pin to the 4 pin (connecting it to pins 1,2, and 3... going from right to left I believe) so I did that earlier.

Now here's the REAL butt kicker!

We recently had our whole apartment recarpeted and painted so the whole studio got moved around and torn down. Now... the BOX that comes with my Antec 182 case (you know... the one with all the goodies), well... it seems to be missing!

I had to rob several old computers of mine to get enough screws to mount the MB! I've been looking high and low for it and I even marked it special so we WOULDN'T throw it out by accident (Ahhhh well!)

Thanks again!
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