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Default following up...

got my system back. decided to replace the a8v with giga-byte's k8nsnxp-939, same fx-53 and 3200xlpro. wd sata and pny 6800 gt. big thermaltake hsf, with the delta fan pushing 88 cfm's. runs 15c idle in my thermaltake xaser super case. ran artic silver 5 in the cpu, and disassembled the 6800gt's hsf and ran artic silver 5 on that gpu. drops the temp 5-10 degrees. Enermax 600w psu, audigy 2 zs. no real overclocking yet but here's what works for me, ran memtest no problems:

205 fsb
2-2-2-5 (set manually)
disabled 2-t command (set manually)
cpu volts 1.55 (set manually)
ddr voltage +.2 which should be 2.7v (set manually)
12x multiplier (set manually)
no oc on the 6800gt yet, heard of same system pushing 430mhz no problem.

only thing i noticed on this mobo, when the cpu voltage is on auto, cpu-id reports it as 1.45v. even with the latest bios. and the ram on auto is 2-3-2-6, which i thought was odd for the XL series.

but for the most part, life is good again.
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