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Originally Posted by Ra1n_Dr0p View Post
So for the wisdom of ancients
I have six fans
4 were not working correctly
1-2 are fine
3-6 are not working
turns out 3 was bad, which caused every fan after it to fail. Thus, 3 bad, meant 4-6 were also not working correctly.
to remedy this, i removed 3 from the RGB fan hub.
I then plugged fan4 into slot3, fan5 into slot4, and fan6 in slot5
Basically, corsair RGB fan hubs work as a chain, if a fan stops working correctly for LED's all OTHER fans below it will also stop working. Of course, they woln't necessarily stop working in the same way. fan 3 only had one dead LED. However, fans 4-6 all had the LED's screwed because of this one LED.
Corsair should be sending me a new fan which should resolve the problem.
Glad to hear that they are working! I can't believe that I missed your original post ... yes, the Corsair fans work in a series and one bad fan can take the rest out. That's repeated on this forum many times and is also listed in the RGB FAQ. The first troubleshoot step for fan lighting not working as expected is to swap fans around. Another tip to note ... if the connector isn't fully plugged in, it can cause issues as well. Make sure that you make a good connection and it snaps in place. Even just a little loose can cause problems.
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