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Originally Posted by Speed View Post
That is the way it used to work. The service, at least the way it was written, heavily polled the system drive once every second. Those of us running SSDs didn't like that much. The new version still writes to a file but some of us have set Symlinks to put it elsewhere and save our SSDs from premature death.
I've made some windows services earlier, and there's no reason why they have to write to disk all the time, or at all for that matter. I Windows service is just like any other program except that it doesn't have any GUI elements and isn't dependent on a desktop to "live" in. Except for logging, I can't see any reason the service would have to write to disk other than when configuration parameters were changed. I can only speculate, but it seems than that they might have used some file or files as "communication" between the GUI and the service, and that would be a slow and bad solution SSD or not. There are many ways to communicate in Windows, but I would stick to a simple TCP protocol.
Originally Posted by Speed View Post
A Custom Curve doesn't get you to the RPM you desire?
It's impossible for me to specify a rpm above 4000 for any of the "Points" for a custom curve. If I do so by typing in a number, it's immediately changed to 4000 or something right below.
Originally Posted by Speed View Post
It interpolates correctly between setpoints here.
That's strange, one of my fans have these points:
1: 20C, 605 rpm
2: 25C, 1009 rpm
3: 28C, 1217 rpm
4: 34C, 1619 rpm
5: 50C, 1995 rpm
At 33,9C it runs at 1230-1260, at 34C it runs at 1630-1660. Even the "crosshair" isn't aligning with the line except for at the "points". The fan is a PWM fan if that matters.
Originally Posted by Speed View Post
You'd have to take this up with the authors of the hardware, firmware and software at CoolIT Systems. Corsair doesn't make the system, it is made for them to their specific needs for their hardware.
It was ment as a suggestion for Corsair. I (obviously) don't know anything about the deal they've made with the software developers, but I would think Corsair would be the ones to decide this since the software is "sold" with the hardware and not by itself.
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