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Default H150i with Commander Pro

Hello All. I just built a new computer, specs seen in my profile. I am using the Corsair H150i Pro AIO for my CPU. I replaced the rear 140mm fan that came with my case with a Corsair HD140. I plugged the AIO into the AIO header on my mobo, and the HD140 into the CPU Fan header so I wouldn't get the error. I couldn't use the RGB on the HD140 yet because I didn't have the controller.

So, I ended up buying 3xHD120s to replace the stock fans on the H150i, and these came with a controller. So I set up the hub/controller (120s slots 1-3 and 140 slot 4). The RGB on the 3 120s works, but the 140 does not. I am in contact with Corsair to hopefully get this replaced.

Now to the point of my post. I decided to get the commander pro so I could have some more control over the fans and LEDs. Right now, the 3 hd120 radiator fans are plugged into the H150. The H150 is plugged into the mobo via usb2 and aio. When the commander gets to me on Friday, I have no idea where I should move all of the cables. Do I plug the AIO fans into the commander? And the HD140? And what about the USB2 from the H150i that's going to the mobo? Do I plug that into the commander? And when I take the HD140 out of the CPU Fan header, should I take the H150i cable from the AIO header and put it in the CPU fan header so I don't get the error?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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