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Originally Posted by Danny van Liero View Post
Same :).

I like you created a tutorial, even when I didn't really use it myself!

Before we could just open the configuration files of hardware devices.
Inside these files you could change options like "dpiStep". (see example below)
This was very useful if you had devices that were limited by default there configuration...

DPI had options like this :


maxDpiSlots :
Would set the max amount dpi slots you can use, not really useful, if you didn't want to disable dpi possibilities, the interface wasn't prepared to add more then 5+1(sniper DPI)

Change the possible minimal dpi setting for your mouse.

Change the possible maximal dpi setting for your mouse.

With this setting you set you mouse dpi in steps of x.

My mouse default dpiStep setting is 200,
So I can only set 200,400,600,800,1000,1200,1400 etc.

I cant set it to 650 while this is what I need.
I can set 600 but this is too slow, or set it too 800 but this is too fast.

There is no other way to set the DPI of the mouse,
except that you could manipulate it with the windows mouse speed setting,
but this is just an DPI multiplier, ending up with a multiplier of a wrong DPI. :)

The biggest frustration is that this all was was possible!
You could set the dpiStep to 1, Done!!, and an other happy customer is born :clown:

Its still possible to have this options by rollback to the old iCue, but keep in mind that :
- it wont work for new devices because they weren't support by the old iCue
- the old iCue can crash once a while, maybe once a week (without any error messages) when you're online whole day.

For me it all started with the idea, buy and use corsair devices,
and create new devices out of them after they have reached there end of life,
also because the possibilities iCue it had before.

Lets hope there software support will be as good in the future as there hardware support is now.


I have never seen such a good customer support by any company if it goes about hardware problems/defects and solutions.

I like to use input devices and change there settings that's all, is it really so hard ?
This software is doing more then what 75% of the people need, while it also lacks in setting the basic settings

PLEASE BACK TO BASIC! then you can add your crap later.
Those settings weren't meant to be messed with. It could negatively impact the operation of the mouse. I dont see them allowing people to edit those options again. If you need that feature I can always try to provide a link to an older version of the build.
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