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Originally Posted by PhazonXenomorph View Post
I don't understand. Since I bought the keyboard it was always White when on, and unlit when off. Now it's either Blue or Red and heck if I know which is which. When I rebooted the computer it was white until after signing into Windows and CUE loading up, then it's blue and red again. I want my White / Off default, very unhappy with this patch to the software doing this. It didn't do this before the 1.9.62 update, only got the update cause CUE was hounding me.

Can we get a fix? The red and offset blue color are ruining the krazykid-created profile of my Phazon Blue profile and very disturbing when I'm gaming as I tend to be very environmentally aware so I'm always seeing it at the corner of my eye.
Right click the key when your in Lighting and go to indicator
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