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Well, without a USB connection for the cooler, you are giving up all software and monitoring capabilities. That might be something you want to consider and there are USB 2.0 bus/splitters that can be used to work around the now common 1 x 2.0 internal header problem.

As for the fans, they react to coolant temp changes whether you are using the software or not (iCUE or the older Link). That threshold is 40C coolant temp and so it is a bit concerning you see this as 40C cpu temp on your end. I am going to assume this is happening at idle and not load. If you put your PC to sleep for 30-60 minutes and then wake, what happens to CPU temp? Does it hold steady? Or does it slowly climb +1C at time for about 1-2 minutes until it reaches 40C?

The CPU vs AIO header doesn't matter. An "AIO header" is a marketing tag. They really should turn those back into chassis fan headers. Most of us CPU fan so we get that boot error if the pump fails on power on. That said, make sure your fan control for CPU fan is "disabled" or set to 100%/PWM/Full speed, depending on which Asus BIOS you have. Those are all the same thing in this case. Not setting the control header to give a full 12v will prevent the pump from running its intended speed and can prevent it from starting up at all.
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