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Originally Posted by mmoore5325 View Post

Thanks for your help.

If you can answer a bonus question, I'm curious as to what is a good keyboard to get where you can use the icue software to program different patterns of lights on the keys and different effects when keys are pressed.

That's a loaded question - any of the Corsair RGB keyboards will fit that bill and they are all excellent. Personally, I have the K95 with Cherry MX Browns and I absolutely love it. But you can get the same RGB effects on the K70 MK.2, the Strafe MK.2 ... and the rest. The differences are in the available switches (not all switches are available on all models), the number of programmable keys (the K95 has 6 "G Keys"), the material on the body (plastic vs aluminum) and onboard memory. The MK.2 and K95 all have the roller volume (which I really like).
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