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Ok, this was a bit confusing, but I apparently solved it, so I will leave the solution in here for anyone that might get this.

I am using my K70 Lux with my laptop. The laptop is flipped to the other way, so the laptop's keyboard is facing the table. Usually this isn't a problem, since the laptop knows it's flipped and it's onboard keyboard should be ignored. But for some reason the laptop's keyboard wasn't being ignored and there was a constant keypress.

I don't know if the iCue update triggered this, or the Windows Update I did, but only when I reconnect the K70 USB my Dell will ignore it's keyboard (if turned-on already flipped, if it was flipped already on, it would detect the flip and ignore the keyboard automatically).

So it's just a matter of moving the laptop a bit to release it's keys or to unflip it and then flip it again.

I know how this sounds ridiculous, but it worked all the time and some updated changed this default behavior.
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