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I have had a chance to calm down now. There is no worse a feeling when you watch a new BIOS upload and then watch the PC restart and restart and restart....
After installing F6 again the PC would boot OK but I had to slow the timings as before. Windows XP booted and warned me that it had recovered from a serious problem and pointed me towrds a web page that informed me that there had been a RAM (corruption) problem and advised me to download Windows RAM Diagnosis. I reinstalled the Beta b revision (not c) and then ran the RAM diagnostics and the corsair RAM passed all of the tests.

As I said before there is something amiss with rev c. I just hope there are not loads of people out there now with dead PC's.


Does your PC run OK on c revision? if so what RAM are you running and at what timings? Sorry if I gave the impression that I was pointing a finger at you, it was a sudden reaction after seeing my PC stop working, followed by panic. I blame Gigabyte at the end of the day for not developing the BIOS before putting a new product on the market and then worst of all leaving their customers to sort out their own problems. I have e-mailed them 3 times now and have never had a reply...disgusting.

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