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Originally Posted by Zotty View Post
I am sure its very hard for Corsair to keep positive given the rants and needless put downs that so many come here to post. I do under stand that those that come here generally arrive because they have a problem. but some come SOOO angry and it just doesn't help the situation. on the whole Link/Cue works fine for 99% of those that bought corsair products. It's a small minority of them that end up here thinking its the same for every owner which then spreads like a Chinese Whisper.. Not the case at all.. I came and joined for the Community aspect of it, I have a lot of Corsair products and they all do the job I need. yes there are occasional bugs.. nothing major and certainly nothing that turns me into a keyboard warrior lol.....:)......

awaiting Sync-It!
Yes, quite.

I’m sorry if you misunderstood my post. I like Corsair products and find them to be well made.

The intention was my fear rushing it out before it’s ready could lead to problems that may prove difficult to address going down the line (Link?).

Wanting Sync It to be great and expressing concern is hardly equatable to a “keyboard warrior” but sensitivities may vary.

Anyway, great job Corsair still waiting on that top secret AIO from computex to surface and hopefully some ML RGB fans.