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Default DPI Button remapping.

Originally Posted by bipolarbear211 View Post
I just recently purchased the Ironclaw Rgb wireless mouse. everything works as intended except for one fairly important thing. I like to remap the the buttons on the mouse to other keys for gaming. When i remap the DPI cycle up and down buttons to other key inputs, it retains the DPI cycling as well. I tried setting all of my DPI increments to the only one i use (600 DPI) so that when it switched, it would not actually change my DPI. This did not work either. it still cycles through what im assuming are some default DPI numbers. The only way i can get back to my original 600 DPI is to change profiles in the icue software. Anyone else having this issue? any help would be appreciated.
I have the exact same issue, have posted on the forums, sent 2 tickets in, sent a direct message, still no reply nor solutions, may just return the mouse & go back to Steel Series, which is a shame I really like the other features & size/feel of the mouse, wanted those extra buttons, Disappointing customer service so far.
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