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Not to be unconstructive (I already was pretty constructive in my Reddit thread — but, devs, when should we expect a fix? If you can't name a day, a week will do.

Cause it may come as a shock to you, but when we consumers buy hardware, we expect it (and its software) to work. Not cause PC crashes. We're not asking for too much — I don't expect M65 to make me a pro Fortnite player :) But I sure expect it to not crash my PC when I'm playing the game.
And judging by that Reddit thread - boi, oh boi, I am not alone.

Now I have the situation when I've paid money but can't actually use a mouse, and the piece of plastic is just laying around, cause without software it's sensitivity and binding functions just won't work. And I didn't buy it for double-clicking the cells in some Excel spreadsheets.

So should I sell it on ebay already (and hope that buyer won't have the same crash) or is there a chance that a fix is actually coming in the next couple of weeks?

Thanks for the prompt clarification! :3
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