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In my custom loop that I am using 120mm's, I opted for the HD-120s over the LL-120s for the greater static pressure improvement. Though compared with the 140mm, they don't seem to preform as well in static pressure for the size, compared to the 120mms and the difference is less between the LL-140s and HD-140s:

140mm: 1.85mmh20 vs 1.52mmh20
120mm: 2.25mmh20 vs 1.61mmh20

When it comes to cooling, it is all about the transfer of heat from one place to the other. If there is a bottleneck in one place, then having a faster fan might not help.

In all the benchmarks I have reviewed I have come to the following conclusion:

Lower FPI <~11 (Fin Per Inch) Radiators: Outperform all other radiators at low fan speeds
Medium Density FPI ~16: Best balanced performance for different fan speeds
High Density FPI ~24: Preform best in higher speeds fans

It looks like your radiator has an upper medium to high density. With all those fins you might have some issues with slower fans being able to push through those fins. Most AIO do tend to be thinner and use higher FPI to make up for their thickness. I think that is why I see so many higher RPM/static pressure fans included with AIO. It looks like the SP140L might have come with that and going from almost 4mmh20 to 1.52mmh20 or 1.85mmh20, I think you might notice a difference in noise and radiator performance. I can't say off hand how much less performance though you could always try to find some benchmarks.

Food for thought:

A good benchmark example of how a 30FPI preforms worst in benchmarks at low rpms, okay at medium speeds, and best at high speeds:

Keep in mind that 30FPI is really over kill and 8FPI more than your radiator.
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