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Originally Posted by PJH View Post
Hey, hey!

I just attempted an update via iCUE. It downloaded v3.21.88 and went through the installation process until this popped up.

Click OK just returns an empty box with the OK button.

Click that and the entire iCUE installation directory on C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair is removed (except for the Profiles directory, thankfully).

Navigating to the above error message directory shows that it still exists.

EDIT: I had to go to and download 3.20.80.msi installation file and was able to reinstall iCUE.

I have not attempted to update iCUE a second time from within iCUE.
Just in general from prior programming experiences an error like that may indicate the service does not have permission to access part of the file system such as the folder where the exe resides or perhaps a location where it is attempting to access or output a log file.

The service may be configured incorrectly, using the wrong account, or you may have some messed up security in relation to the folders the service is trying to access.

Some things you may try is when installing a service make sure to do so as administrator to elevate privileges in Windows (for example using the right-click option to "Run as Administrator").
If you have UAC disabled try re-enabling it again before re-installing the service.
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