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Hi Storm,
im sorry to report that our second unit have arrived with even worst symptoms,
The first one was already sent back under Amazon 30 days warranty,

Second DOA unit was also picked up by UPS already, both units are headed back without associated support ticket at this point :(
The second unit didn’t even turn on at first, few hours later on another attempt lights came on but install shut itself off,
This time I didn’t bother opening the case to inspect if parts have shifted during shipping as I was too frustrated,

The whole experience was very disappointing, we use these in a professional production environment!
not for gaming, putting our workflow down is simply unacceptable, first unit could be a fluke I get it, but twice in a row!?

I get that you are eager to find the source for this, sending a second unit in a row to Amazon triggered an internal procedure for them,
Supervisor handling the ticket on their side had to trigger this on due to high costs and frequency of returns they pulled the entire batch of Corsair ONE units,
He issued an investigation on their end; for now he concluded that this must a be bad batch as we are well aware of Corsair reputation this had to be some manufacturing malfunction,

to say the least I am comfortable managing any hardware at any layer or level of integration, I understand your point,
unfortunately it cannot be over our expenses when we as customers pay such high tickets on these unit in the first place we expect the same responsibility from Corsair in return,
the downtime we encore simply doesn’t worth wasting any more time then we have too,

calling Corsair support and going through first line of engineers to remotely diagnose an issue with a brand new unit,
waiting for the tickets cycles to complete, or even for a new unit to be shipped two or three weeks later,
is not a viable solution for a business dependent on these units,


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