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Default Why does the iCue software break every other day?

Every other day the software forgets the buttons on my glaive that I programmed. I middle click and it's forgotten how to open tabs in chrome. I press the buttons to go forward or back, and nothing happens. I used to get frustrated and curse my corsair mouse, but now I grumble and go to add remove programs in control panel, and repair iCue. This fixes the issue most of the time, but doesn't soften the absolute aggravation that comes from Corsair selling me a faulty mouse and software. After years, and years, and years, iCue or whatever is still a horrible and intuitive, non working, anti-consumer piece of software. I just want it to remember my key bindings guys. Come on!

Why do I have to repair this software on a near daily basis?! Why does Corsair not care about their software or customers to update and fix this?! I'm so confused. There's always something malfunctioning with their products and ruining my experience I don't understand why I keep buying them somebody talk some sense into me please.
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