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Default [Idea] Anonymous OnKeyXX event


I'm the new owner of a Corsair RGB Keyboard and first thing i wanted to do was to create a heatmap of the keyboard.

sadly i dont see a way to "hook" the key event, (other than hooking windows and that's no good...)

I assumed that the reason there was no way to grab the key press was for safety reason.. nobody want to leave a big open door for keylogger. but why not expose an anonymous KeyPress KeyHold and KeyReleased event in the sdk, the keyboard handle the press and we can have fun with the shiny led.


void OnKeyPress(float r, float g, float b, float i){
   //do what you want here to change the color of the key without knowing witch key was pressed


EDIT: Feel Free to add your comment/idea

ps: i'm not a cpp programmer, I'm not sure how the structure would work but this is an example of how i see it in my head,

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