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Thanks for the thorough response, DevBiker!

Regarding the issues with Link - I do take what I read on the forums with a grain of salt for the reason you mention, but the issues with it that I was referring to are a number of things I've found on reviews for various Corsair products that use Link (PSU's, fans, commander pro, etc.) on Amazon and Newegg. Even many of the reviews attached to good ratings for said products describe Link itself as being difficult or even "unbearable" to use - although admittedly not everyone had trouble with it. If you search for any of those products and then search questions and/or reviews for "link", you'll see what I'm talking about.

As an early adopter of Corsair's RGB keyboards (I bought one of the first k95 RGB's available (with blue switches... music to my ears, and I love the way they feel - I wish I could get them on the k95 platinum), I've personally experienced many, many issues with CUE since day one. My first impressions were that while it obviously had a lot of versatility, it was created for engineers by engineers rather than the average user, making it very clunky and difficult to accomplish even simple stuff for me at least. I was surprised that there were originally no lighting presets at all - that you had to create any lighting effects you wanted from scratch or download a profile from someone who had already made one. Given that every marketing video posted anywhere online showed the rainbow wave effect, I was surprised and dismayed to find that I couldn't simply select that as an option, and to rub salt in the wound, Corsair didn't provide any profiles online that one could download but instead relied entirely on users to do so... AND there was no way to download profiles from within CUE itself, requiring another clunky process to get them from the forums into the software.

I eventually figured out most of how it worked (or the parts that were important to me at least), but after that, nearly every software and/or firmware update broke my settings, requiring me to take a number of troubleshooting steps, usually involving at the very least uninstalling/reinstalling the software and rebuilding/redownloading both my action and lighting profiles from scratch, and often resetting the keyboard, all of which was very time consuming and left me never wanting to update anything, ever. Often the updates would break extremely major and basic functions of the keyboard - as in, it wouldn't type anything at all.

Eventually I was glad to see that Corsair added some lighting presets to CUE, and the glitches more or less settled down.

Then CUE 2 hit, which was an utter disaster for me at least. Aside from the minor annoyance that I could no longer remap keys and then set them to "repeat constantly while pressed" for games (I had to use the macro function instead of the "remap key" function), the software would *extremely often* get stuck in a loop with a single key repeating itself and no way to stop it. This would continue even after unplugging the keyboard altogether, so whether or not a hardware issue was the initial source of the problem, CUE 2 was responsible for carrying out the resulting mess. The only solution I found for this was force-quitting CUE 2 via the task manager, since the software itself became unresponsive, but it would inevitably happen again very quickly unless I also restarted my computer. This was a death knell to any game I was playing, and ruined the experience for the folks I'd be playing with online at the time as well, as I was essentially crippled whenever this would happen and couldn't even communicate via text chat what was going on since all they would see was something along the lines of "444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 44444444444444444444444444444444444..." whenever I tried to type something, and push-to-talk wouldn't work with voice chat for the same reason. My k95 had firmware 2.05 as I recall, which according to the recommendations I had read on the forums meant that CUE 2 was indeed the software I was supposed to be using, but after talking to tech support, the only solution they offered was to revert to an older software version, which did help.

After mentioning my experience to Corsair James, he kindly offered to replace my old k95 with the platinum, which has thankfully been working like a charm with iCUE so far. (although I do wish that it had more g keys and that I could remap keys to repeat constantly like I used to without having to use macros). I'm guessing that my issues mostly stemmed from being an early adopter and having one of the very first models that came out, but the whole experience over the last few years has left me gun-shy when it comes to Corsair software.

As for my cooler, I have the Hydro H115i Pro RGB (280 mm). I was admittedly a bit surprised and dismayed to find that only the cooler itself was RGB and not the fans (I misinterpreted the fine print and didn't think to search the Q&A on whether the fans were RGB). I already had three of the RGB ML fans which I like a lot on a number of levels (performance, low noise level, and they look awesome - plus, MAGNETS, B***H!!), so I went ahead and just bought two more to use instead of the ones that came with the cooler. I gotta say though that it didn't make a lot of sense to me that these ML RGB fans (or at least the RGB LL's or HD's) weren't already included with the cooler given that it was an RGB cooler.

And yes, I do realize how highly regarded Corsair PSU's are, and I'll likely go with one regardless of whether they release an RGB model soon. I also have my eye on the darkcore wireless charging mouse but am waiting for a mousepad that charges the mouse from anywhere instead of from just one spot, preferably while using it, a la the Logitech version - I imagine that something like this is currently in the works at Corsair (ideally an RGB version), but as you said, who knows? And as World of Warcraft is one of my favorite games, a *scimitar* with wireless charging would be that much more appealing (I currently use the Logitech G600); I don't use every single button on it, but I do use more than 9, which I believe is how many the dark core has.

Thanks again for the response! Also, @ Zotty: nice mockup!

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