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Originally Posted by Parmenedes View Post
Hi guys,

I recently built a new gaming system and am giving my old one to my step son. I'm a fan of RGB (don't hate me!) and currently have a k95 platinum, several RGB ML fans, a liquid cooling unit, and a few RGB strips (all made by corsair). I need to get a new power supply and would like one that can connect via usb to the computer to show how much power the various components (vid card, cpu, drives, etc.) are using - mostly just out of curiosity.
We don't hate on fans of RGB 'round these here parts.

Originally Posted by Parmenedes View Post
I honestly wasn't going to go with a corsair power supply due to the negative stuff I've read about the link software combined with a lot of issues I've had with CUE over the years, but having recently checked out iCUE, I dig what I see so far and am thinking about getting a corsair power supply (with usb connector) along with the commander pro (since apparently - and somewhat surprisingly - iCUE can't do much with my fans aside from changing color without the commander pro, and it doesn't even recognize the liquid cooler at all).
Which issues would you be referring to? If it's issues on the forum(s), then keep in mind that very few people post to say it's all wonderful and good. The only thing that you'll see is issues that folks have.
Also, keep in mind that Corsair PSU's are consistently rated as some of the best that you can get for stability, efficiency and reliability. This includes the lines that don't support Link integration, which is optional even for those PSUs that do.
And which cooler do you have? Filling out the system specs is super-helpful; you can use any unused lines to fill in other stuff (coolers, etc) that you are running on your system.

Originally Posted by Parmenedes View Post
So what I'm curious about is the aforementioned question: does anyone know if Corsair has any plans to release an rgb power supply anytime soon? I haven't really found any info online with respect to that, but given the general direction corsair has been going, I figure it's somewhere on their to-do list. My current/old power supply works fine, but I'll need a new one when I give my old rig to my step son and am trying to decide whether to go ahead and purchase what's available now, or give it a couple of months if Corsair has something in the works.
This has come up several times on the forum. There are those of us that have begged, pleaded and even gone on Tofu and Hummus diets for an RGB PSU. Corsair doesn't comment on unreleased products so ... who knows? Considering where their product lines have been going, it would make sense that they have one coming.

Originally Posted by Parmenedes View Post
And more generally, for those of you who are using iCUE to manage several Corsair products (including fans, liquid coolers, power supplies, or anything else) what is your experience of it so far? I'd like to imagine that Corsair has upped their software game to match their hardware game, but I am admittedly a bit skeptical.
I've been using iCue to manage my Corsair products - and if you look at my system specs, you'll see it's a pretty long list - for about a month now. As a long-time Link user, it took a little bit to get used to as it does some things differently but it's been pretty solid, especially for beta software. It's not perfect (no software is) but if you are a fan of RGB, it's definitely a huge step forward over Link.
Please click "Edit System Specs" and fill out your system info.

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