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Originally Posted by jrasero View Post
Update got my card Tuesday and it does barley fit. The tubes had to run above the cards and they have to be slightly pressed down by the HD tray. I managed to scratch the radiator pretty good and scratch the top of the card (bonehead move). I really only got to use the card briefly do to the card having a horrible fan noise when reaching above 50%.

EVGA is sending me a new one Tuesday so hopefully I don't screw this one up.

With the short time I did have the card, man was it good to go liquid. So much quieter and cooler compared to my Gigabyte Brix GT GB-GZ1DTi7 that sounded like a jet engine when playing any AAA game. Plus the 1080 Ti on a 100HZ 3440x1440P screen showed a huge bump over my previous 1080
Just a picture of the EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Hybrid in the Bulldog 2.0

As you can see I taped the radiator and some sharp parts of the bottom of the case so nothing could be scratched since everything is such a tight fit. At 4.38" in H the card with the power cables and AIO water cables is pressing against the inside of the case and the card sits plus against the radiator/fan. I actually placed a baseball card in between the card and radiator. Length wise at 10.5" the card has more than enough room. The tubes are best run under the card to eliminate tension and also due to the fact that if the tubes are run over the card with the hard drive tray bolted down the tubes are squished since there is very little room in between.

When I had to call EVGA about my 1st card being defective they asked me what case I was using and they couldn't wrap their heads around how a SC2 Hybrid ft in there. It does but it's tight!
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