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I am looking at your VID under the Intel 4690K/Voltages section. This is HWMonitor's representation of your BIOS "core voltage". It looks like like a steady and peak value of 1.10v. That likely accounts for the dramatic drop in CPU temperature compared to the 1.2x value.

I don't have enough to data to interpret the original bump in CPU temps. However, you need to careful when comparing. A shift in median or average CPU core temperatures is noteworthy, but must be viewed against any change in room or case temperatures. Peak values may not be reliable or consistent depending upon the application used and/or the CPU model. Those random peaks are the strays and not necessarily indicative of your general performance. You really need a line graph to make sense out of it.

I have a clear 3-4C bump in average core temperatures after the Win 10 AU update and corresponding Asus chipset drivers. I don't know if you have gone down that path.
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