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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
You are running an extremely strenuous test that puts the majority of the load on the CPU voltage side of the system, not the cooler or it's ability to remove heat. If you want to compare cooling performance, you need to compare load water temperature to your pre-test starting water temperature (H80i GT Temp). Small FFT is always going make the voltage on die the limiting factor.

As for the change, you likely had chipset drivers available from Asus in relation to the new Windows build. People have reported a small bump in CPU temps on the new drivers, but I cannot confirm if this is true on a Z97 platform. You also need test in identical circumstance to compare CPU temperatures. Your room and case temps need to exactly the same or you need to adjust for the differences. A +3C rise in room temperature also means +3C on your cores at all levels.

There is nothing in your screenshot to suggest there is a problem with the cooler and your water temperature is pretty good for a H80i compared the other case temps. I am assuming it is rear mounted as exhaust. It is doubtful there is a problem with the cooler or you wouldn't be able to run small FFT for more than 60 seconds.
I had wondered if there might be some extra voltage occurring that I'm not aware of but all monitoring programs look to be reading the correct voltage. I had thought about an increase in room temp but we're talking about an almost 10 increase.

I checked back on an earlier troubleshooting thread of mine and I was reporting a very stable 65 under small fft at an even higher clock of 4.5Ghz.

Yes, rear mounted. Right so probably nothing hardware wise wrong with the cooler but maybe more something driver or settings related somewhere...
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