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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I got mine refunded, but it leaves me in a position where I still want to buy one but am concerned that I might get another that was slightly off. I noticed on quite a few of the display models at my retailer that there were inconsistencies on those ones. Not as pronounced as on mine but it was still there.

It is interesting that no-one else has even commented to say either " no mine are good" or "I have a few keys where it is like you mention, but it hasn't bothered me to do anything about it"

What I should have done was to take a photo of my kb to upload here, then people could have commented on the alignment.

I am getting the feeling that the retailer I bought them from is perhaps selling slight seconds?

To re-iterate, the greaterthan and lessthan keys were the ones that were most noticeably out of alignment on all the keyboards on display, as were the delete and end key in the middle block.

Is there a serial batch which is free from these defects, so I can check this against the ones that my retailer has offered?

Thank you for your input.
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