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OK, I understand. Frankly, I might be looking at LL120 3 pack if I were in your position. Yes, that is decidedly more than a single LL120. The reasons are as follows:

1) The ML fans are better on a radiator than the LL. They have wider, flatter blades for that purpose. However, if you are going to use the LL on the radiator, then the ML don't have a lot of appeal. They will be stuck in the middle of your build and that will be a break in the lighting sequence. The LL will follow a pattern of 1-2-3 up the front, then to the 1 in back. The ML will be on their own 2 fan pattern.

2) LL fans look better. Subjective for sure, but if you have 4 of one and 2 of another, the differences are going to be there to see on a daily basis. Also, LL fans have a few unique patterns not available on the ML because of the lighting configuration. With 6 LL your patterns will run front to back or vice versa, always continuous. With the ML stuck in the middle it's going to be a mixed affair.

3) All 6 LL fans will go on one lighting node pro or lighting node core. 1 channel for programming. Easy and simple.

It will work to use the ML off the Platinum lighting controller, even if the radiator is on the front. Obviously the 2 radiator fans will get their speed control from the cooler. This does make the Commander Pro more appealing, but not required. I would take the triple pack of LL first, if you need to decide between a Commander Pro and more LL.
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