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You only need a Commander Pro is you want software control over the fan speed. Otherwise, it's motherboard and BIOS like everyone else. The Commander Pro has two USB 2 pass-through ports. The LNC will plug directly into with the lighting wires from the LL120s. The fan power wires for any fan will go to the Commander Pro's fan ports. The C-Pro will then plug into the motherboard's USB 2 port.

The two ML fans will stay on the Platinum's controller for both lighting and fan control. It is possible to move them to the LNC, but they will act like 1/4 of an LL fan. You have the separate controller in the Platinum cooler. Better to use it.

The casualty in this is going to be the SP120-PRO. They cannot share the same lighting hub/core as the LL fans. That means you would have to run a separate Core or LNP+Lighting Hub just for the one fan. It doesn't make a lot f sense and may not match well anyway. I would look at adding another LL that will slot in with the LNC on the front three, but there is no harm in running it without the lighting.
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